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BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS is delighted to have made a recent investment in Australian-based start-up 360DGREES, a full service 360 video production and development company that specialises in creating totally immersive 360 degree virtual reality, together with the development of supporting web and mobile implementations.

In addition to capturing and processing the 360 VR content, has developed an additional “interactive layer” that allows organisations to commercialise their marketing efforts by adding interactive hotspots to create a ‘Point of Sale’ within the 360 video experience. Our unique interactive layer and independent media player moves the 360 video technology from being a purely promotional tool to an interactive, collaborative and commercial experience.

Commenting on the investment, BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS CEO Martin Berry said "With the projected explosion in VR/AR and immersive experiences, we are really excited to access this major growth trend through our recent investment in". " is fast becoming a leader and pioneer in this category, disrupting everything from legacy approaches to training, to creating totally immersive consumer experiences that help drive increased engagement, we see the opportunity in front of them as massive".

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