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BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS is delighted to have made a recent investment in CircleLink Health, a platform that helps doctors offer remote care to patients with chronic medical conditions and claim Medicare reimbursements for chronic care management.

CircleLink Health offers primary care givers a platform for Chronic Care Management (CCM) of their patients. CircleLink's roster of independent nurses calls each patient regularly to check in and help patients follow the doctor-prescribed care plan. The platform integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and tracks any remote care given to the patient in real time to the minute, creating audit trails for compliance and doctors. Practices only have to provide a Medicare patient list and pay CircleLink after reimbursement from Medicare.

CircleLink handles eligibility check, targeting and enrollment to the platform. This arrangement helps doctors substantially extend their services to existing patients, bring in more income per patient and CircleLink Health makes ~50% gross margins per patient.

Commenting on the investment, BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS CEO Martin Berry said "CircleLink Health is a turnkey solution for doctors and nurses to manage chronic condition patients between visits and earn incremental revenue through Medicare reimbursements without having to hire additional staff or build/buy technology" "At the same time patients get a greater level of care through through remote access and regular monitoring, helping to hold them accountable to their care plans and tweaking the plan as they go"

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