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BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS is delighted to have participated in the latest seed round of Australian innovation, Shelfie Robot. Shelfie Robot is an automated, intelligent robot with the ability to monitor stock levels in supermarkets to deliver real-time data for managers to make better quality shelf-stocking decisions.

The Shelfie robot combines intelligent image capturing and cloud-based data analytics solutions, and automatically travels throughout stores scanning shelves and reporting on stock gaps in real-time. The Shelfie Robot is an innovation that intends to revolutionise supermarkets’ ability to understand stock issues both in Australian, New Zealand and overseas retailers. Shelfie trials are planned for this quarter in countries including Australia, France and the US.

Commenting on the investment, BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS CEO Martin Berry said "We love what the team at Shelfie Robot are doing in helping retailers to solve major pain points around inventory optimisation, helping to boost sales revenue, transform efficiency and improve the customer experience". "Robotics, AI and Big Data are at the core of the Shelfie Robot proposition, technologies that we believe will transform industries moving forward".

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