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BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS is delighted to have participated in the latest seed round of PEER5, a Y Combinator-backed peer-to-peer video content delivery network that looks to revolutionize the way video is streamed around the world.

Peer5 uses Google's open source WebRTC (Real Time Communication) technology to to deliver high quality video via a peer-2-peer network, that requires no additional installations or plugins and at half the cost of traditional methods. The platform also shrinks load times and reduces server dependency by using a peer 2 peer network of nodes (Eg. BitTorrent but for streaming)

When Netflix or HBO streams tv shows to your laptop, they deliver video in the form of large amounts of data through their massive server networks. These streaming platforms are able to do so efficiently as long as no more than a million viewers or so watch the same content simultaneously. But take an event such as the finals of the Soccer World Cup when tens of millions of viewers stream the event simultaneously. Live video of this nature hasn't taken off because of the high costs involved with scaling video delivery to millions of viewers.

Commenting on the investment, BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS CEO Martin Berry said "PEER5 is revolutionizing the way video is being streamed around the world and has quickly become the world's largest P2P video CDN, streaming over 30 million hours of video every month". " Companies including Sony and DailyMotion are already using PEER5's platform to broadcast to millions online and with the projected growth in online broadcasting, are very well positioned to become market leaders".

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