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BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS is delighted to have participated in the latest seed round of Kinonation, a disruptive technology platform for the distribution of films to global streaming services including Netflix, Amazon, China Mobile and many, many more.

Kinonation is an online content distribution platform that takes on the massive industry of entertainment distributors. Film and content distributors vie for the billions of dollars of content that exhibitors such as streaming services (Eg. Amazon Prime, Netflix etc) are looking to license (To illustrate, Netflix set aside a budget of $6B for content last year alone). For the majority of content creators, the only way to access these exhibitors is to hire expensive agents and distributors in entertainment centers such as Los Angeles or shell out thousands of dollars at film exhibitions and festivals.

Barring large studios, content creators around the world do not have the resources to access exhibitors. Kinonation takes the entire content distribution process online by creating a marketplace for exhibitors to access content from around the world and vice versa. Kinonation's proprietary technology handles everything from storing content, transferring to exhibitors' servers (known as "delivery") as well as payments.

Commenting on the investment, BRANDHAUS CAPITAL PARTNERS CEO Martin Berry said "Kinonation is re-defining the traditional model for content distribution, solving the pain point of expensive and limited distribution, traditionally choked by middleman and with little global reach." "Kinonation provides a truly innovative online, direct, low cost and global marketplace for content creators to fulfill the huge demand for fresh content around the world".

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